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Pre-Supported Internship

The Pre-Supported Internship (Pre-SI) is a flexible, practical, path-to-work programme lasting up to one year, for young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) seeking to bridge the gap between education and employment, and move towards a part or full time voluntary or paid job. The Pre-SI programme gives an opportunity to try a broad range of workplaces and gain practical experience and supports young people who are not yet sure which industry they want to work in. 

The Pre-SI is suitable both for students graduating from our Study Programme and young people who are new to Roots and Shoots who have already completed qualifications and work experience elsewhere. This course focuses on work experience, building relevant skills, and provides intensive job coaching support.

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Pre-Supported Internships include extensive work experience at Roots and Shoots, and with a variety of trusted organisations in the local community. This work experience takes young people out of the classroom and exposes them to real working pressures, helping our students develop practical skills and confidence to progress into paid employment or work-related training such as a Traineeship or Apprenticeship. 

At Roots and Shoots we have developed our Pre-SIs around the areas we do best:


Students gain experience working in private gardens, in public spaces like Hyde Park and on our Rosendale allotment.


Students gain experience working in our onsite kitchen helping our chefs to prepare food for Venue Hire clients, and in a variety of local cafes.


Students gain experience working in the onsite work placements, in The Roots and Shoots Shop, working with customers and in the local area.

We are proud to provide:

We are members of BASE, (The British Association of Supported Employment), who provide some useful guidance on Supported Internships here.

For more information about our Pre-Supported Internship programme, contact us.