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Venue Sustainability

Roots and Shoots is an environmental and educational charity which acts sustainably in all its endeavours. Our buildings have been built and are maintained with long term sustainability in mind, our green spaces are all managed with sustainable gardening methods to promote urban biodiversity, 

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Our venue hire practices are sustainable in the following ways:

  • Our electricity is solar generated, with any money raised going back to benefitting the students and local environment. 

  • We collect rainwater from the roofs of every building to utilise across the site. In the Main Building, rainwater is used to flush the toilets. In the Natural Roots Building, rainwater is used to water raised beds and flowering borders. In the greenhouse, rainwater is diverted into the Wild Garden pond.

  • We are a vegetarian venue, committed to reducing emissions and other harm resulting from animal farming.

  • We grow our own organic vegetables and herbs on site which are used in the catering, reducing air mile emissions.

  • Very little is wasted. Any safe leftover food is given to students, and the majority of cooking waste is composted, which feeds the gardens.

  • We use ceramic and metal cutlery in our catering, as we are committed to reducing plastic waste and eliminating single use plastics.

  • We reuse and recycle as much as possible. You will notice across the site many repurposed objects and materials

  • In addition to our composted cooking waste, we also recycle the majority of our paper waste via composting which feeds our gardens, grows our plants and creates improved habitat for urban wildlife.