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The Grounding Project

“Through growth in the garden I realise there is hope”

The Calming Garden

At Roots and Shoots we understand and advocate for the restorative power that gardening and nature has on mental health, and we are proud to host the Grounding Project. The Grounding Project is a specialist NHS horticultural therapy programme for refugees and asylum seekers living in the local area, who have experienced trauma. 

We provide the Grounding Project with their own green space, the Calming Garden, where people can come together in a safe and healing environment to connect with nature, explore and practise calming techniques and receive support from qualified clinical practitioners.

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"Where there is growth, there is life, and the chance to care again for that life.

Even though we may think we have nothing left to add and there is no common language, together we can plant a seed in the garden, pull out a weed, add a spice to a communal meal, share an experience, and be part of something again."

The Grounding Project
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