16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

7th December 2020

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

As required by the ESFA and detailed in their document ‘16-19 Tuition Fund’, this statement explains how Roots and Shoots will use said ‘16-19 Tuition Funding’ in line with the ESFA guidance to prioritise support for learners with Education, Health & Care (EHC) Plans. Roots and Shoots supports students aged 16-24 with an EHC Plan.

In line with Government guidance, we are publishing this statement to demonstrate how additional funding for the cohort of learners will be utilised in 2020/21.

The additional funding will be used to provide:

·         Additional opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills in a small group setting

·         When required, additional 1:1 literacy and numeracy interventions

·         Further reducing class sizes to enable social distancing, requiring a greater number of contact hours for teaching staff and support staff

·         Opportunities for additional job coaching and/or internal work experience as external opportunities are not currently available

·         Opportunities for specific students to access tuition where they have minimal amounts of work outstanding to achieve a qualification as a result of disruption related to Covid19

·         Additional arrangements to provide assessments in a Covid-secure manner.

Eligible learners will be those identified by the Government as disadvantaged – all learners at Roots and Shoots are aged 16-24 years and supported by an Education, Health & Care (EHC) Plan from their home authority.

The aim is to support skills development, knowledge and understanding to enable good progress on their study programme, and to support achievement as much possible. For those who are preparing to move to their next stage of training, additional job coaching and Covid-secure (likely internal) work experience opportunities are paramount.