Apple day & October Plenty 20th October

20th October 2019

Join us on Sunday 20th October for spectacular day out at Roots and Shoots Annual Apple Day. This year we will be joining with the Lions Part to create a massive celebration of October Plenty. The Lions part and the Fabularium will bring all traditional festive celebrations to the streets of Lambeth.

This is a day not to be missed filled with lots of fun and activities for children (and adults). 
Sunday 20th October | 11.30am - 4pm
Adults £2   Children Free
  • A Grand Procession with the Lions Part company, featuring The Berry Man
  • Morris Dancing and the Fabularium Fables
  • Visit Keith and the astonishing CRUMBUCKET DRAGON MACHINE
  • Corn Dolly Making with Sonia from the Lions Part     
  • Over 100 varieties of Apples 
  • Refreshments available and over 10 stalls selling a variety of things
  • Story Orchard with Pat Ryan
                                             This and many more activities