New Environmental Education Building

Letter from Linda Phillips MBE

Dear Friends and Supporters

Roots and Shoots’ environmental education is something people of all ages, living nearby or further afield, can enjoy. For many, who live in the inner city, it’s their only way to experience the beauty of nature and to understand the importance of biodiversity to everyone’s lives.

Our dilapidated prefab, which houses our environmental education, has served us well for more than 30 years but it has now reached the end of its life. We have been given £150,000 by LandAid to replace it. We hoped this generous funding would be adequate but have found that the cost of the building has increased to £190,000. We have been very grateful to receive a donation of £5,000 and a further £1,400 but there is still a shortfall of £33,600.

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Early concept sketch of the Environmental Education Building

I am writing to our Friends and Supporters who have helped Roots and Shoots not just survive but also flourish over the past 30 years to ask if you can help. I know making a financial donation may not be possible but on the basis that ‘people know people’, I am asking if you might be able to pass our message to your contacts to help individuals, companies and trusts who may not know about Roots and Shoots find out about our work.

We have been extremely lucky over the years with the goodwill and practical help generously given by everyone know knows and understands the valuable work of Roots and Shoots and I am sure we will win through to complete this project as soon as possible.

Environmental Education Building front elevation

Any ideas are very welcome and I would be delighted to hear from you.


Please click here to donate to our online appeal.

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