We have many events taking place each year at Roots and Shoots and we like to keep you up to date on each one, including the ever so popular 'The Magpie Kitchen' 

Join us for a spectacular evening at Roots and Shoots, where our very popular chef Phillip Costen will be cooking up a treat for The Magpie Kitchen, our pop-up social dining club.

Our new social dining club 'The Magpie Kitchen' will serve you up either a three course or two course meal, so sit back and relax as your food is brought to you and enjoy the company and atmosphere at Roots and Shoots.

Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest events, such as Apple Day and open days.



Future Dates


  • January 26th and 27th Burn's Night
  • February 15th and 16th Let Casanova Be Your Valentine
  • March 23rd and 24th Greek Independence Day
  • April 27th and 28th Dining With Picasso (The first of three dining with artists)




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How to find out more

  Call us on 020 7587 1131