Public visits

The gardens are generally open from Mon - Fri 10.00 to 4.00 pm.  However, there may well be schools booked in to the garden and our trainees can make the site very busy.  If you wish to visit as a private individual or quietly with your child please contact us first.  When you arive please always sign in at Reception so that we know you are on site.

You can also pop along to the Magpie Kitchen, or an open day such as Apple Day.

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Visiting the garden

 School visits
Boost your student's education with a tailored class visit and teaching resources, including for those with Special Educational Needs
 Public visits
Arrange a visit to the garden or find an open day

Our Biodiversity

Our invertebrate population - those minibeasts and bugs - is wide and varied.
 Apples and Apple Day
Apples and Apple have been a big part of Roots' life since 1999.
 Plants and Trees
There are many fine trees at Roots and Shoots and we try to create interesting planting throughout the site.
 Meadows Bees Vertebrate Records
Click on the pdf below to see records of our birds and amphibians.

How to find out more

  Call us on 020 7587 1131