Work placements

Placements are central to the student's development and learning while at Roots and Shoots. They allow the student to experience working life in a safe way, and to experience working in their chosen career area.

Placements can be pivotal to students emotional and personal development, for most students it will be the first time they have been in a largely mature environment - it may be the first experience of having work responsibilities placed upon them and of higher expectations. Most students respond positively to these stimuli and one can see the changes in the student, maturity, confidence and social skills are enhanced.

The work placements are un-paid and there is no prior expectation of work at the end of the placement, Roots and Shoots covers the cost of travel and supplies and PPE needed.
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What do you want to study?

Take your first steps towards a career in horticulture and develop practical skills
 Retail Skills
Essential practical experience for anyone interested in a job in retail
 Floristry Functional Skills
Improve written and verbal English and Maths skills as well as enjoying a practical learning package

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