Functional Skills

What Functional Skills are all about

Functional Skills are the essential skills needed for ENGLISH, MATHS and ICT, vital for young people to participate in life, learning and work.

Functional Skills are now part of all educational and training courses; and are an essential part in the qualification route for young people on the Foundation Learning Programme.

The development of Functional Skills is seen by the Government as essential to address employers' concerns that young people are not achieving a firm enough grounding in the basics.

At Roots and Shoots the young person can develop Functional Skills from Entry Level to Level1. Every learner is different and detailed assessments are conducted. Progress is monitored throughout the course. The qualifications are not portfolio driven so there is more time for theory into practice learning. Using measurement or ratio in the workplace for example really embeds and clarifies learning!

All learning is understood and more likely remembered if used. We focus on the development of thinking skills and problem solving. We encourage and support the young learner in the transition from pupil to independent student, or in many cases to re-engage with learning and to develop skills, confidence and resilience!

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