For continuing moral and practical support we remain indebted to our patron Kate Hoey MP.

Roots and Shoots is funded by the following organisations. We would particularly like to thank:

Roots and Shoots would like to thank the following artists and craftspeople, whose creations have brought the garden to life:

  • Martha Macdonald, artist-ceramist and keen gardener/educator has made two striking murals with trainees at Roots and Shoots - on the wall by the 'Bubble Gate' and in the form of a totem-pole-signpost by the beech hedge.
  • There are also several of her ceramic sculptures in the Wildlife Garden. Her "nesting heads" have proved popular with wool carder bees. Martha also works at Ethelred Nursery and at Tate Modern and exhibits her ceramic sculptures regularly.
  • Linsey Fryatt was seconded to us by Vodafone as part of the World of Difference programme. She transformed our website and new media.

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